want me to take your photograph?

Photography is my dream come true and I put my heart, skills and vision towards it. For this very reason, every single photo session that I shoot, I make sure that my client is happy with the process and the final results. My photos have been published on different magazines [such as B-AuthentiqueRebel & Co. , junnnktank and ...] and I do my best to show my models at their best. 


I offer 3 packages


1-hour photo shoot | 2 outfits  | 10 edited, high resolution images | Delivery in 1 week


2-hour photo shoot | 3 outfits  | 15 edited, high resolution images | Delivery in 10 days


3-hour photo shoot | 4 outfits | 20 edited, high resolution images | Delivery in 2 weeks



"How will I receive my final pictures?" You will receive an email with a link to a Google Drive folder where you will be able to download your picture in the highest quality [edited].

"What if I need to cancel/reschedule our shoot?" You need to cancel or reschedule our photo shoot at least 72 hours prior to the shoot.

"Do I have to pay a deposit fee to secure/confirm my booking?" Yes, for both paid and collaborative [TF] photo shoots I ask for 20$ deposit [ e-transfer to ali@alisaremi.net ]. You will get the the $20 deposit fee back right at the beginning of our photo shoot.

"When do I pay you for the photo session?" You can e-transfer the fee [ to ali@alisaremi.net ] or pay in cash at the end of our photo shoot. Click here to learn more how you can transfer payments via email.

"Do you do collaborations?" Yes, I always look forward to collaborating with talented people. In order to book a shoot with me, fill the above form, put a link to your Instagram/website/portfolio and let me know if we can shoot at your house/condo/room. For collaborative photo shoots, I ask my models to mention my name in the photo caption and also tag me on the photo when they post the photos on Instagram.

"Do I have to mention your name anywhere?" Yes. I do request for everyone that I shoot with to either tag me or mention me on the image credit [caption].

"What should I wear?" I recommend wearing outfits that won't pull too much attention from you [avoid big brand names on your clothing]. 

For outdoor photoshoots, bring a pair of comfortable shoes to wear, because we walk from location to location during the photo session.

For indoor photoshoots, I suggest: bodysuit, lingerie, cropped top shirt, tank top, sweater, brallete, tights or fishnet, undies.

Definitely bring chokers, eyeglasses/sunglasses, and hats [if you have].

"Do I have to do my own hair and makeup?" Yes you do. A light, everyday makeup will be good enough to capture astonishing photos.

"Will you use any of my photos on your Instagram" Yes; I might use the photos and I will give full credit to you; I will tag you on the photo and mention your name and Instagram handle in the caption [unless you ask me not to]



Found a package that works for you?

I am currently booking photo sessions for November and December. In order to book your session, fill out the form below and send it my way. You will receive a response from me in less than a day !

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